Why choose a licensed customs broker Melbourne when importing?

There are many reasons why you should choose a licensed customs broker Melbourne. Yes, it should be not just any broker but someone who has the license to give you importing and exporting advice.

Why should you?

Here are some of the major reasons:

Compliance with various import protocols and rules

“Experience is a good school but the fees are high.”

Hire an experienced licensed customs broker Melbourne, todayHire an experienced licensed customs broker Melbourne, today. Call us.

This statement is a fact, especially if you are a first time importer. You are always free to gamble at your own risk, or you can save yourself the trouble of having to experience penalties and fees due to an incorrect filing. It’s your choice. However, hiring an experienced licensed customs broker Melbourne today ensures you do not need to suffer any unexpected penalties and delay with your customs clearance.

Clearance rules are subject to international relations and with so many things happening around the globe, it is most likely that you will be unaware of the most recent changes to these rules and agreements. On the other hand, a licensed customs broker will be aware of these. They will alert you of any potential problem so you can have your goods smoothly pass through the clearance.

So what are you waiting for? Talk to us.

Increased savings from duty free incentives in free trade agreements (FTA)

“Knowledge is power, if you know it about the right person.”

Hire a knowledgeable licensed customs broker Melbourne

Hire a knowledgeable licensed customs broker Melbourne, today.

It is often said that knowledge is power, but knowing who the person to trust with that “knowledge” is better. Just like anyone can say they know customs rules and regulations, but only the licensed customs brokers have the “authority” to say so.

Why? These licensed customs broker Melbourne studied years and regularly attends a seminar to ensure their importing rules and regulations knowledge remains updated. This includes knowing the ins and outs in free trade agreements, such as the duty free incentives for particular goods.

Trading opportunity advantages

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meets.”

More opportunity when dealing with licensed customs broker MelbourneLicensed customs broker Melbourne delivers more opportunities for your business

You never know when an opportunity will pass your way. However, do you know you can create roads that will push opportunity towards your direction?

Choose the right customs broker who will share with you free trade agreements based on your existing products. Trade agreements like China and Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA), Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement (JAEPA) can reduce shipping duties and taxes, allowing your company or your clients to retain greater profits.

This will most definitely create more trading opportunities for you. Do you want to know more about these free trade opportunities? Talk to us.

Ease, convenience and productivity

“Productivity is not just about doing more, it is about creating more impact with less work.”

Hire a productive licensed customs broker MelbourneHire a productive licensed customs broker Melbourne, today.

Ultimately, it boils down to your productivity.

Hiring a licensed customs broker Melbourne could mean additional costs for you, but the ease, convenience and productivity it will bring you is more than worth this expense. For a dollar spent, it could mean hours for you to focus on your core operation and hundreds of savings that could have been spent because of customs delay and penalty.

So what are you thinking off? Choosing a customs licensed broker to handle the clearances of your goods is definitely the better option. Send us a message

How can a licensed customs broker Melbourne deliver these importing benefits to companies?

You must be wondering, how can these licensed brokers deliver all of these conveniences to my business?

Actually, not all licensed customs broker can deliver these. Some may be able to provide you some of these advantages, but only customs brokerage companies such as Franklin have in-house customs broker and the technology to ensure you will enjoy these benefits.

Franklin comes equipped with the software, hardware, and technology needed to manage your company’s shipments. This saves you the hassle of buying technology software solutions. Moreover, they have the government license to transact business.

So do you need a licensed customs broker Melbourne when importing into Australia? Most definitely! Do send us a message so we can give you a free quote on our services. We are most happy to help.